Established in 1771 in Philadelphia, “The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland” is the oldest Irish fraternal charitable organization in America.

Our founding members included some of the most active and influential patriots of the country, including John Dickinson, Robert Morris, Thomas Fitzsimons, Generals Wayne, Irvine, Butler, Thompson, Hand, Cadwalader, Moylan, Knox, and Stewart, Commodore Barry and numerous others, renowned in the Army, Navy, Cabinet, and Congress. Even General, and later, President George Washington dined with the Friendly Sons.

The San Diego chapter was established in 1953. We are an event-driven organization with formal and informal gatherings throughout the year.


The friendly spirit and compelling melancholy of the Irish, mixed with fierce American patriotism and pride.
The passion of fellowship.
The compulsion to share our history.
The responsibility of legacy to future generations.
The duty to serve as Ambassadors of good will and good times for good causes.


To pay tribute to the Patron Saint of Ireland by fostering goodwill and fellowship among those of Irish ancestry and the greater San Diego County community through social, cultural, athletic, educational and charitable events.

We support our community by assisting like-minded organizations and helping with events that share our Irish culture and values with everyone. We seek to build bridges of understanding in our community.


For gentlemen at least twenty-one years of age of Irish ancestry possessing good character and a friendly disposition.

The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of San Diego is the largest and most active Irish fraternal organization in San Diego. We hold regular social and charity fundraising events that reflect our members’ passion for Irish camaraderie and community welfare.


Mr. Trevor Wessman-Lavelle

SgtMaj Neil O’Connell, USMC (RET)
1st Vice President

Mr. Michael Duffy
2nd Vice President

Mr. Chris McCain
3rd Vice President

Mr. Steve Sheedy
4th Vice President

Mr. Tim Lane
5th Vice President

Mr. Scott Harmes

Mr. David Scott

GySgt. Timothy Walsh, USMC
Sergeant At Arms

Mr. Jeff Clemons
Member at Large

Mr. Everett Evleth
Member at Large

Mr. Tim Ford
Member at Large

Mr. Jim Kilgore
Member at Large

Mr. Shawn O’Rourke
Member at Large

Mr. Nolan Spencer
Member at Large


Mr. Timothy Adler
Mr. Sean Brew
Mr. James D. Burke
Mr. Chip Dykes
Mr. Sean Fitzgerald
Mr. Ed Forbes
Mr. Frank Gallagher
Mr. W. E. “Skip” Geisting

Mr. Matthew Gleason, MD
Mr. David Harrison
Mr. Robert W. (Hondo) Harrison
Mr. Thomas B. Henderson
Mr. M.G. “Doc” LaMar, MD
Mr. Timothy McCarthy
Mr. Brian J. McLellan

Mr. Gary Meads
Mr. Robert N. Mulrooney
Mr. Michael I. Neil
Mr. J. Robert O’Connor II IMr. Frank P. O’Dwyer
Mr. Mark O’Loughlin
Mr. J. Terrence O’Malley

Mr. Michael J. Reidy
Mr. James B. Ryan
Mr. Robert W. Sexton
Mr. Brian Smith
Mr. Stacey J. Sullivan
Mr. Leo Sullivan
Mr. Craig Sutliff

Mr. Mark Wheelan