Scientists Say Guinness Really Does Taste Better in Ireland

For those who’ve been to St. James Gate, you know what a pint of the plain is like straight from the teat. Per Barry Fitzgerald, “Homeric!” We concur.
For those who’ve not been, its a living thing akin to a creamy loaf of bread sequestered in a glass with all of its unpasteurized aromas and flavors spilling all over your tongue and caressing your palette.

It’s enough to make you misty when you realize the difference between this pint in Ireland and the one at home or anywhere else, but this ‘dirty old town’.
It makes us wonder if we could persuade the President-elect to support an infrastructure project where we run a trans-Atlantic pipeline from Dublin to NYC and from there to every pub in America. Imagine the same delicious pint coast-to-coast just like it is at the Storehouse. “Homeric!” indeed.

If we can put a man on the moon, surely we can put a fresh pint of the plain in every fist across America! It’ll pay for itself in a week with a 5 cent per pint user fee. Well worth it!

“Build it and they will come.” In droves…